Sunday, June 11, 2017

Devastated -_-

At laaaaassst!!! after a month I am able to post something to this 'so-called' blog. Hahahaha! I don't even know what to right but yea. Let's try to recall what happened for the past month....

first thing! I got my new companion, he's my 14th. yea? not bad aye? Haha. He's Elder Devin Thomas, coming from South Jordan, Utah. He was assigned to be my companion after Elder Ballesta got ET-ed (yea, that's right, he got ET-ed and went to Baguio to cool down.. I think it would be best for him to be there, new area, new companion. Something that will make him forget what happened here in Tagudin) Anyways, he came last May 9th. Right after Zone Conference which was participated by other zones, Bangued, Candon, Tagudin and Bacnotan. It was a blast! Totally not expecting that I'll have a new companion too soon! Well, it's President Bangal's decision and inspiration so, I just trust him. It was still week 4 when he came in so I just try to introduce him first with some members in the ward. After a week, me and Elder Vicente got a 1 week exchanges! Isn't amazing? hahaha! It wasn't planned but I think because Elder Vicente is so sick of being with Elder Van Dyke, he decided to just come and be with me. Of course we still work, we work in our area and they work in theirs. Until Elder Vicente got transferred to my previous area.. Darn it! It made me miss the folks out there 😭😭😭 I missed them a lot. Like yea, I will totally visit them when I get back home (10 MONTHS NA LAAAANG!) (Just now, I heard that Sister Junio is getting transferred.. guess where? yea! like yea. She's getting transferred to LA TRINIDAD! She's going up to the mountains for the 2nd time now! Wooooah!)

second (I guess) .. So weeks passed and transfer came.. Elder Benjamin Brimhall replace Elder Vicente in our house. Yea, he's good. he's funny. he looks exactly like Chris Brand! Hahahaha! But he's totally cool. Fun to be with him..

So I guess I can summarized the rest from this point. Hahahaha! Well, at it wasn't really good/easy to be with 3 americans in your apartment. But times goes by, I kept reading about ''Control Yourself'' topic by President Brigham Young. And it really helped me a lot. The next chapter in his 'discourses' made me stronger and my patience longer than ever. Tho it's not perfect but I can really say that I did progress. (I was like, yea! in your face Satan!) So yea, I kept on reading those discourses (Tho President Bangal said that 'DISCOURSES are BAWAL NA', haha. Sorry President, I just need a little help from brother young) So after reading some of brother brigham's counsel, I read some part of 'Miracle of Forgiveness' book. I read it before and guess what? I'm still in the mission field! Hahaha! Most folks says that that book has a curse, most missionaries that tries to read it go home. Like yea, they go home and never come back. I didn't really read the whole book, I just read some chapters that can help me grow (of course the whole book intends to help us grow. lol) this time, with all the challenges that I am facing right now. The best part of it was the part where brother kimball said 'FORGIVE TO BE FORGIVEN' and 'AS WE FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS'. Like for real! I was struck by something that made me soft in the inside.. The book is really powerful, I can testify of it. It is indeed for those people (specially me) who needed some great encouragement..

So blah ba blah ba blah. Good grief, we are having a baptism this 24th! (crossedfingers) well, it wasn't really our investigator, like we weren't the ones who taught them first. but their baptism (supposedly after the week that I came in here in Tagudin) got postponed. It was really complicated to explain, haha. or safe to say that I'm getting bored to tell that part. Hahahaha! Anyways, we are hopeful that we can baptize them.So please include us in your prayers okay?

+Well, today since it's PDAY, we went into a 'secret falls' called 'KAGUTINGAN FALLS' i dunno if that was really its name, I first heard it was like, 'KAGUTUMAN' and yea, we woke up at 4 in the morning to prepare and travel to Sta.Cruz, and it turns out .. tadaaaa! we went to that falls like 6:30am. HAHAHA! The whole Tagudin District with some Sta.Lucia Ward Members came too. So yea, we went there and it was really dope. It was cool az.. I was really tempted to jump and swim, but oooppppsss! Imma still a Missionary. Hahaha. (I was like, in your face again Satan!) But like for real. It was really beautiful, I told myself that, that's one of the place I will visit when I get back home.. too bad my SD CARD is malfunctioning and this freakin' computer can't read it. So too bad, hopefully there's no virus! But yea, crossedfingers again :)

And oh Sister Magallanes is getting transferred too.( with the special transfer President is talking about these days) Hahaha! All in the district freak out when Elder Acido announced it last night. We all thought that no one in the District is getting transferred. So, the whole curse of Tagudin Zone is still present. The GOAL??? WEEKLY ET. HAHAHAHA!

So yea, that's all for now.
Thank you for reading :)
Let's do it again next week!

PS:Hindi na ako kalbo, promise :)

Pouch me :D

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