Monday, May 8, 2017

Challenging week!

Hi! Howdy? Hope you guys are doin' really great. So, you maybe wonderin' why I put ''challenging week'' as my title. Yea, believe me, it was and still challenging the shell out of me -___-. As you can see, a lot of things happened last week. My companion, [Elder B] was struggling to keep his pace. He was  suffering from homesickness and depression and I D O N T K N O W W H A T T O D O ! ! !. There also came a time when I am stressing myself out.. I also lost my pace in working. I can't sleep well, lost my appetite I study to hard and seems that I'm still not enough. My week went pretty rough. Guess it has been the 'roughest' week of my Mission Life. So, he called a doctor from MRC to check him up and it turns out that he's going there to rest and recover. So days after days went by and we've been trying to help him as our kabahay. So we do a lot of exchanges to help him recover. We do stuffs like going out to check the festival (TIKANLU FESTIVAL) and everything. Hopes he get well. So, to cut the story short. He got ET'ed and was transferred to Burnham 1st. I think it was a pretty good ideo to put him there because he has 2 of his district mates there. So I really prays that he'll be fine. So yea, he got ET'ed and I'm on the other companionship right now, tri-some and trying. Hahahaha! Trying really hard to teach with unity. We barely don't know how to manage our areas now that we cover the whole TAGUDIN. It freaks me out when we are about to plan our areas at night. Challenging right? Hahahaha! But so much for the dramas. We need to work hard and play our roles right. So far it's working and I enjoy it :) Hopefully President let me stay in our area which is TAGUDIN B. It's really progressing. Jeez. But yea, I'm still changing, changing for good. And I'm glad that I have President Bangal as my Mission President. I love him. He's so kind and too spiritual. He's words and advises are really deep to the heart thingy. So yea, tomorrow is our Multi-Zone Conference! Buuyaaahh! I'm excited to get chastened. Hahaha! 

Much love from your hommie.
Elder Galon.

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