Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy 1 year!

Hello folks! How are y'all?! Haha! Hoping that you are all good! Please send my love to everyone! So yeah, last Saturday (April 22) we celebrated our 1 year mark! Wooohooo! Thanks for all the love everyone! I didn't even think about this day! That I'll be getting to celebrate this day! Hahahaha! Just kidding. Things got rough, those 12 months is really sick, 365 days of challenge and progress. 365 days of trying to change and to repent. Well, it's not that easy to get here. I know a lot of Missionaries will always remember their 1 year cuz it's always fun. Hahaha! So here are some pictures for the week! 

PS: I made a buffalo chicken wings and got broke. Hahahaha!But it's yummy. :P

(Forgot the nametag) 🙊

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