Sunday, June 18, 2017

Good dayyyyy!

Woohooo!What a blessing to write and express my gratitude and thoughts in this letter :)

Well, a lot of things happened last week that I didn't include in my last post. But I intended to post some pictures for that 😁 So please be patient with me..

First, Did I tell you guys that we had some CSP-thingy last week? Hahaha! Yea! we labor in a rice field and it's so dope that my kabahays did something else. Hahaha!

 Hahaha. It was fun, tho we don't really know how to do it right, at least we had the chance to help them do the job fast. #qualityvsquantity Hahaha.

Soooo! last week, we hike! been to a falls lately in Sta.Cruz, Ilocos! So good, I told myself na ''babalik ako dito, mag swimming!'' HAHAHA!

 We woke up at 5, then got in the meeting place at 6AM. Yea, Filipino time is real. Hahaha! (it was Independence day)

Elder Brimhall, my new niggah (metaphor)

 Elder Tabaua, my one big kiribati friend.

Nope, no swimming allowed.  Haha! 

See how majestic the view is? Nah, not Sister Del Pillar or Elder Acido. The FALLS! Look at the falls! HAHA


Done with the falls escapade, let's go to last week's events..

Well, We had our Zone Conference once again. T'was nice to see good-old-friends-faces again. Hahaha. We've been chastised by President but I always felt the love behind the chastisement. It's always feels good to hear him talk and counsel us about our goal and purpose here in the Mission Field. I just love President Bangal, he's like a father to me and to everyone in the mission field.. :)

 TAGUDIN ZONE. The zone that looks like a district! But just like the scriptures say, ''By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass'' #SMALLBUTTERRIBLE

 Ate Steph from BECOOL! Yea, they catered our food during conferences. :)

Yea, the pictures says it all. G-day to y'all!

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