Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good day, good day! 

Woohooo! it's the 26th of June! (Hey Sister Junio, your name got included here! Hahaha)

So yeah, thanks for all the peeps who remembered my day. (Nah, it's not really my birthday, wink wink nod nod) Hahaha.

Well, so much for all the love. I am celebrating my last birthday here in the mission field! Woohoo! Last year I was in my 1st area (La Paz, Abra) and celebrating it with bunch of Filo's (Filipino's), but yea, today I am celebrating it together with my niggah's (bunch of Americans, all came from Utah! HAHA!)

let's do a throwback! :D


HAPPY 12th YEAR TO ME! 😂😂😂

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