Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 3 (Special Transfer) ~ Week 4 and 5 ~ Week 6 (TRANSFER)


At last, I'm able to write something here. Haha, pardon me for not writing anything for past few weeks. I'm can't seem to think the words that I need to put here. Haha, anyways, yes! We had a special transfer for that week and it's really dang good. Elder Thomas, who happens to be my companion and Elder Brimhall (Elder Apuhin's companion) got transferred to another area. No, don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like them to be with, it's just.. I don't know.. Really complicated :3 Well, my companion's really trunky, so I think the branch did also see that and from what I heard, they requested to replace him instead of me. I think that what President Wilbon did, was probably the best thing for everyone. The Branch doesn't like him, and he don't like the branch either. So I guess, it's a win-win situation. Haha, 

So, Elder Solera came in to be my companion. Woah! He's my 16th companion now. Woohooo! He's really funny and kind too. Elder Apuhin's companion is Elder Calo, the same 'Calo' who trained my batch. Oh, by the way, Elder Urbano came in as well. He's with Elder Acido who's our Zone Leader. Well, the epic thing is, we all been assigned in Bangued Zone. And everyone of us can share stories how cool that area is.  

Well, everything came really fast. I didn't really think that transfer is coming again.  yes, this is week 6 and we know what week 6 is. Not that I'm trunky, but I really hate the feeling when you're about to leave the area. It's hard, really hard. feels like I'm leaving a lot of family. Gonna leave a lot of part of me. Daaang. My companion asked me if I'm still not used of this kind of thing, about getting transfer and leaving the area. I told him that I will never get used to this. It's really hard, how can you leave your family? I can't think of a reason to do that. But I remember a quote saying that, ''all good things must come to an end''. Yea, I don't know, that quote suddenly came to my mind when I'm about to break down and cry. Hahaha! not really. But yea, It's part of mission life, but not with eternity, 😁😁
I'm getting transferred to San Fernando Ward with Elder Pecaoco. He's from Bacolod and really a good missionary.


( My MTC District Leader sent me a Hi note, Haha! talk about effort!)

 My Tatay! (Elder Aries)
Dragon Fruit! (Taste like Guava tho, Hahaha!)


 Tryin' to do an epic pose. #Modeling101  

 Branch Presidency

I truly testify that if you just enjoy your mission, in the best possible way that you can, 24 months or 18 months would be really fast. There's a lot of thing this experience has to offer, and it's within your grasp if you're going to enjoy it or get rid of it. Of course, the best option is to enjoy it. I've been with these folks for about 5 months now, and everytime I think about the time I got here, all I can think about is that IT"S REALLY FAST! Enjoy the field, enjoying the field with the Spirit! 
God knows best 😁
That's all folks.
All love from your homie.

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