Sunday, July 2, 2017



You know what? There's this very infamous line about missionaries when 'week 6' is on the road. Usually, they call it 'Trunky Week'. Hahahaha! Yea, believe it or not, lot of missionaries, if only possible, can use the hashtag '#trunkyweek' or #trunkynessisreal'. Haha! Funny thing is, my companion keeps on tracking his remaining days left. Just right now, his batchmate, who happens to be our zoneleader, ask him how many days they still have. Hahahaha! Would you look at that? :P I told him we're gonna work hard this week even if the area is really challenging. Yep, there's a lot of new investigators everyweek but it's really hard to get hold of them the next time. Hahaha! Yea, one example of it was last week, we we're biking from our farthest area and suddenly it rains, so we went into a waiting shed to wait for the rain to stop, then our investigators (family) saw us like 500 yards away from us, then suddenly took right turn so that they can't see us like face to face.. hahaha! Well, 'The Lord knows' 😀 The Lord knows why.. I trust Him wholeheartedly. I just work and work. Indeed, the very secret of Missionary work, is to work. Work hard and to work smart.

So, transfer again (so fast wasn't it?)
So Elder Van Dyke is getting transferred to Baguio Zone, he's the new zone leader naaaaw. Well, to good for him, he never been a DL before and not a DL right now but called to be the new ZL. too dope! Haha. I'm happy for that guy. We've been together for 3 months (Housemate) and at first I really thought he was weird, but nah. All the blame's on me, I'm just judgemental and being a dork tryin' to oppose him all the time. But yea, we hang out a lot, talk a lot and laugh about a lot of stuffs. He spent 6 months in Tagudin and we all like, 'Elder Van Dyke's going to spend another 6 months here, or maybe a year'. Hahaha! But all goods. Elder Apuhin is going to replace him (Good Lord, at last! A filipino kabahay! hahaha)   

Last Saturday was Nanay Nerina's baptism. It was really dope, teaching her requires fluency in Ilokano and it freak us out! Hahahaha! But all good :) Those lovely ladies at my back are my Nanay's :D (Except the Sister Missionaries :P) 

And oh, they all say na i'm getting thinner and thinner, as well as I'm getting black, toast, or pretty much roasted. Hahaha! What can I do? You can't use umbrella while biking 😂😂😂

All love from your hommie,

Pouch me! 

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