Sunday, December 11, 2016

Well, I got transferred here in Baguio under La Trinidad Ward. I didn't even expect that I was going to get transferred here, well yeah, I already anticipated that I was, going to transfer but not here. I was kinda planning to make Baguio my mission dying place. Like you know, how cool is that? Haha! Apparently, that's not what just happened. My companions right now are Elder Licayan and Elder Lanogan, Lanogan is actually my batch mate. We're on trio right now and probably will stay like this until the end of the transfer or until President change his mind.. You know? There will be a new area that's going to be open soon. And it's still not sure if it's me, or Licayan that's going there. Other companion is also on a trio. And might get one from them to put in Mountain Province. 

So this is all the missionary in La Trinidad Ward. from left is Elder Jahnke, Me, Elder Licayan, Elder Jaluag, Elder Tumera, and Elder Lanogan.

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